Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vick Chokes Out Dallas Dog

Philly's sports fans have always had it rough and the reputation of the fans has always been hard to defend. This painter must not really care...

This mural is painted on the side of a tire shop in Allegheny in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. The guy titled the picture "die puppies die" after the Eagle's fight song "Fly Eagles Fly"

Truthfully, I find this disgusting and as an Eagles fan I must say that the group of individuals that do shit like this is the reason for so much hatred towards Philly. I understand where the painter was headed with the whole idea but Dog Fighting is serious and we need to support Vick's recovery not hinder or mock it.

We have a long road ahead of us both on and off the field...

Chris Breezy Gets It Easy

Chris Brown hit the Hollywood club scene Tuesday night, just hours after being sentenced to five years probation and six months of community service for beating the shit out of "assaulting" his ex-girlfriend Rihanna and already the media is giving him grief for doing so.

Brown was spotted at Guys and Dolls where supposedly he gave the crowd an impromptu of Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana after receiving his sentence just hours earlier for felony assault on Rihanna. Brown was warned to stay away from his ex for the next five years and an order keeping him 100ft away from her unless at industry functions where it is a 10ft minimum. Brown also was told to complete six months of his community service in VA where he will be cleaning graffiti, washing cars, and just lots of manual labor. He is also required to attend a year of Domestic Violence class.

One of the terms of Browns Probation was "abstain from the use of all alcoholic beverages and stay out of places where they are the chief item of sale." Which he clearly did not. But the judge is seeing this different. Sources state that although Brown's table ordered alcohol, Brown drank water and ate wings.

I think everyone should leave him alone. We all know that obviously he should not be enjoying alcohol since he is only 20 but we are all guilty of underage drinking. We should not judge Chris. He made a mistake but is an entertainer and partying comes with the territory. i think he will rebound and be a better person. Truthfully since he will be in Virginia more often maybe I will see him more? He does live down the street from me.

Tell me what you think...

Billy Mays Lives On!

Even though Billy Mays passed away a couple months ago he still lives on....via sticker. Billy Mays son, Billy III announced on his twitter page that he would be giving away free Billy stickers in memory of his father as a tribute to his father and it ended up turning into a nationwide craze. These stickers are popping up everywhere. Here are some pics...

As you can see Billy has the Billyberry, Workout Billy, Billy bottle, Welcome to school Billy, and many more.
I love Billy Mays! I hope everyone goes out and gets there stickers!!!!

The Creative Poodle

There are a lot of dog lovers in the world. Some show appreciation by putting nail polish on there nails, cute little sweaters in the winter, scarves around the neck, dog shows, and even put them in custom living spaces. Some may say that this is ridiculous and some may not. It all depends on your outlook and opinion of good taste. Then we have creative poodle grooming. Which I think is the most tasteless thing ever. Meet Cindy the poodle...

I don't see how people can do this to dogs? Tell me what you think.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Party in the USA

If you don't know already? I am a fan of Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana or whatever you may call this teen star. I think she is a great musician and role model for young girls as long as she doesn't take the Lindsey/Britney approach. Anyway, I was surfing the Internet recently and came across a video that is too hilarious for words. It is a group of fans who got together to make a music video for Miley Cyrus' new hit Party in the USA.

Check it out:

Miley even seemed to like it when she sent a tweet to her friend Perez Hilton earlier today.

"@perezhilton I am OBSESSED with this video! =] Lets make one!"

I really think this video is creative and fun. I hope everyone else enjoys and laughs as much as I did.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paris Loves Her Pups!

If you are like me and a completely ridiculous fan of Paris Hilton's "My New BFF" on MTV then you probably got a glimpse of the amazing Mansion she has built for her dogs on last nights final episode.

Paris Hilton has built a two floor $325,000 miniature version of her mansion for her dogs, Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuki, Dolce and Prada. This 300 sq. ft. Beverly Hills home has everything her lil pups need from copper gutters, clay-tile roof, central air, a balcony, a downstairs, a crystal chandelier and EVEN A CLOSET! The mansion has been furnished with faux designer doggie products from Jimmy Chew, Pawda, Sniffany & Co. and Chewy Vuitton.

Paris states that “It’s a miniature version of my house and I designed it with my interior Designer Faye Resnick.” I wanted it to be fun, cute, comfortable and beautiful. My friends just love it and think it’s so adorable and cool." She also told Life and Style Magazine that “They love lying on the balcony, playing in their backyard and hanging out on their living room furniture. They appreciate the house that Mommy built for them."

Miley Stalker Arrested Again!

Mark McLeod the Miley Cyruss Stalker that was arrested and released weeks ago was picked up last night again in Columbia County, GA and will be returned to Chatham County, GA today. Police from Tybee Island GA called authorities in Chatam county to have him apprehended. Mcleod was spotted in Tybee Island, where Miley is filming her new movie The Last Song. Mcleod claims that Miley communicates to him through her TV show, pictures and music and that the two can never be apart.

I think this guy is a total creep and the ironic part is he will be locked up in the same county she is filming?!?! I

In other news have you heard Miley's New single?

I hope Miley stays Safe and they keep creeps like that away!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Even Tigers Fart

So everyone is wondering? Did Tiger Woods really let it rip on the 18th hole in the Buick Open? No I am not talking about a golf ball but rather his flagellants. Tiger and Caddie Steve Williams are the only two who really knows who "dealt it" and the PGA is not loving any part of this shit show.

If you watch the video you can see Tiger's reaction after you hear what appears to be a fart. They are both laughing and smiling and Tiger even says "are you serious" at one point.

I love this video and think it is funny that Tiger has a sense of humor. Who knows it may be a new tactic?


Has anyone ever wanted to visit Italy? There are so many reasons! Culture, Food, Vatican, Alps, Pink Bunny.. Hold on!


Artist in Italy have erected a 200 foot wool bunny on an Italian mountainside for tourist to hike and or ski. The bunny will be available until 2025. Truthfully I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen but I LOVE IT!

A Night at Halo

About two weeks ago I attended Halo DC's 5 year anniversary.

Ever since the 5 year anniversary event for Halo DC was announced I was on edge because the person hosting the event was JD Ordonez from MTVs Real World Brooklyn. After hearing JD would be the host I had to be in attendance since he is one of my favorite Real Worlders of all time! As the event got closer I heard there would be more Celebs/Reality Stars Showing up. So of course this made me more anxious!!! When the day finally came I was most definitely in attendance and oh did that night get crazy!

I arrived at the club around 7:45 and when I entered I decided to wander around on the bottom floor for a bit and get a couple drinks. My next stop was upstairs where the party was at. When I arrived upstairs I noticed my friend Chris Wiggins was over in the corner talking with some people so I made my way over and he introduced me to everyone. The person he introduced me to first was Crystal Waters who was definitely really cool. While mingling I noticed JD and went over to introduce myself. He was a really sweet guy and we talked about a variety of things from him working in FL at the Seaquarium to his many adventures since Real World Brooklyn. We must have talked for like 25 minutes until finally we exchanged info, took some pictures, and I went on to mingle more.

At this point it was around 8:30 and I noticed that the Real World DC's Erika, Callie, and Mike were in attendance. I did not approach any of them because I did not want to be a pest. While I was mingling with Ann (my date) and some friends, Callie approached us and we all started talking to her. She was telling us how she was working as a photographer for the Washington Blade. Since she was working and could not talk very much she mentioned very briefly how she was liking DC and the RWDC house and cast mates. She took a picture of all of us and we all chatted for a while and then I made my way over to get some food.

On my way to get some cheese and crackers I bumped into Mike and he noticed me right away and we started talking. He was telling me how he is doing in HRC and how there is a lot of drama in the house. Like always we talked about his passion for snowboarding and how he really feels about RWDC. He said he is on this show to make a change. He wants to show everyone that it is not about what you see but who you are. I asked him what he thought about everybodys reaction to him and another guy and he stated "I like guys now but in the end I want a wife and a white picket fence." Mike stated how he wants to move to DC when MTV finishes filming and he finishes school. He said he may even transfer to a college around here!!! I hope he does because truthfully he is the most REAL person on the show. While we were talking Erika came out of no where and literally pulled Mike from me and said "don't talk to the blogger". He looked at her and said to leave him alone. After her constant nagging and need for someone to care about her Mike told me he would be back later and we parted.

As I was walking away Erika grabbed me! She asked "why are you here." At this point I was fed up with her and told her very politely that "she doesn't need to flatter herself. I am not her for you but for friends and JD" She did not like my answer. She said then "why do you approach us?" I asked her if I ever approached her and she could say nothing? When she started to become more of a bitch I politely excused myself and went to mingle with my friends. Around 10 minutes later security asked me to leave for being a blogger? It was about 10:00 at this time.
I cooperated and went outside and called Beth. She said to "get my butt back in there" so I tried. I started making phone calls and all of a sudden JD came outside and said he heard what happened. We talked for a bit and he was not happy about the situation. Then Chris and Crystal came out and she told me how she loves that I blog and wanted me to blog about her one day!!! We continued to talk and after like 10 minutes Babak, the owner of the club and my new friend, came out and we spoke about the misunderstanding and he let me back in. When I arrived back in Beth arrived and we decided to have fun together. We took some pictures and had some drinks. We continued to talk with everyone and at around 1:00am I decided to leave.

I must say I had a wonderful time at Halo and I will definitely go back again. i also want to thank all of my friends for being there for me. I had a crazy time and loved every minute of it.
Here are some of the pics.