Thursday, July 30, 2009


Red Velvet Cupcakery will be giving away free mini cupcakes this Friday July 31 2009 for its Grand Opening at Tangysweet in Dupont Circle. The celebration begins at noon....Just in time for my sweet tooth to kick in!!!! The event lasts all day. Red Velvet will feature several cupcakes they are popular for including chocolate buttermilk, Devil's Food, Vanilla Bean, Southern Belle and so much more. So I encourage everyone to come out and try these delicious cupcakes!

Grade Your Sex

Out of all the ridiculous applications the iphone has this one by far tops the most ridiculous. There is a new app out for the iphone caleed Passion that grades your sex.

So here is how the application works. You are supposed to turn it on and put it on the bed and then have sex. It judges on what it hears and what it feels. First off, most girls do not go for a cell phone being anywhere near them when they are in that situation...even though there are the few who do so fellas if you try this application...ASK!. Second, this app is obviously not accurate so don't get a big head if you get a good score. You could probably shake it while watching porn and it would ace you. Third, if you have this application on your phone then you probably have confidence issues and need to get out more.

Here is the Video:

Obviously this is innacurate. There is no way that a phone can judge your sex without actually watching and observing multiple things......Where do people come up with this stuff?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sex Toy for Dogs

Are you tired of your petting humping your leg and your companies legs? Are you tired of your neighbors German Shepard Spike trying to hump your lil' Pomeranian Fluffy?

Here is your solution. Petsmilling has recently released the "Doggie Sex Toy". It is a soft rubber toy that comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) and water-based lubricant to "increase the useful life of the doll. lmao!
I personally think this is hilarious! It is already awkward enough when your dog humps in front of guest at a family function or in front of friends or your friends but now it has a doll to do it with? HAHA!

Now I guess a lot of dogs in the world will be less mean/territorial/barking etc.. since they can get those sexual frustrations out?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RIP Jim Johnson

Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles Franchise lost someone who held our Defense together for the past 10 years.

Jim Johnson died from cancer yesterday at the age of 68 at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania after fighting Melanoma since he was first diagnosed back in 2001. This year was the worst for Johnson. In January right after the Eagles lost the NFC championship game to the Cardinals, the team announced a tumor in his spine.

Johnson was a tough guy even though his back pain forced him to coach the Eagles’ final two playoff games from the press box this year. Everyone could clearly see it affected him but he stayed strong. Because he had broken bones in his back he always traveled by scooter on the field. When asked about his condition he refereed to it as an "injury".

Johnson was named defensive coordinator in January 1999, just 11 days after Andy Reid was hired as head coach. Johnson impressed Reid after meeting him in the Pro Bowl and his performance in the 1997 season put him at the top of his list when he beat Reid’s Packers, then 8-2, in Indianapolis to the 0-10 Colts – and lost 41-38. Johnson’s Colts recorded three sacks and three turnovers. that is really impressive!

Johnson was an amazing coach and led the Eagles defense to become second in the league in sacks (390), tackles for loss (tied at 457), forced fumbles (159), red-zone touchdown efficiency (43.9 percent) and third-down efficiency (34.0 percent). Johnson's goal was to only allow 17 points allowed per game and he accomplished this with only allowing an average of 17.7 points a game which is forth fewest in the NFL!!!

This is truly a tragic event and Johnson will TRULY BE MISSED!!!

Some words by friends:

Andy Reid

"The Andy Reid regime here that’s taken place wouldn’t have been possible without Jim"

John Harbaugh

"I loved Jim Johnson. This is a sad day for so many people who were touched by this great man. Jim was a tremendous teacher of football and life."

Tom Coughlin

"It is a sad, very sad, day. ... He was an excellent, excellent defensive coach, and he trained others to be the same."

The new coach will be Sean McDermott. I hope everyone will pray for Jim Johnson. The pearly gates above have truly been blitz with a man that has done so much!

Duff is Looking HOT!!!

Hilary Duff is the new face of the Femme for DKNY Jeans Fall 2009! She has designed the line of jeans and has had very good input on the campaign. She said her inspiration was just "regular girls" walking down the streets of NY. I mean who doesn't like to people watch? Hillary will also be starring in Gossip Girl next season and her costar is already sporting these cute threads. The line will be mostly black denim, with items like strappy dresses, tissue tees and vinyl leggings rounding out the fall collection. Pieces range in price from $39 to $129 and are scheduled to hit racks in August. So Start saving girls!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Wow! Jessica Simpson has not had it very easy lately after recently being dumped by Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo. A week earlier they were fighting in the car, and Romo pulled over in an IHOP parking lot, ordered her out, and drove off!!!!

Romo is such a D-bag! I wish everyone would see this? I am a fan of the EAGLES and I have already witnessed how bad he sucks in our final meeting of the 2008-2009 season in which the score was 44-6 Eagles. So obviously he sucks at relationships too. (Carrie now Jessica?)

His reasoning for the IHOP bail were "tensions built up over time" so when she said something in the car that rubbed him the wrong way he told her to get out and drove off! Is this guy serious? He was at the IHOP in Texas! That is like the perfect setup for some horror flick or crime of some sort! I don't care who you are, you never do that to a woman! EVER! To make things worse, now he only refers to her as "The whole mess"

I do feel bad for Jessica but, is she really as stupid as she appears to be in the public eye? I don't want to believe that but when you as a woman are putting your all in a relationship
($100,000 Speedboat as a gift!) and Romo just plays along....Do you NOT get a sign of some sort?!?!?!

I know this is hard on her and I can say one thing for sure. She has finally realized what kind of guys she has dated in the past and decided to stick with the same breed. Check out this pic I found of her making out with her new fling recently.

Obviously this is a joke but I had to make light of a crazy situation. In all I wish the best for Jessica and hope she finds the guy she deserves. As for Romo I cant stand him.

Doggie Butt Rap

So this I guess is the newest thing to hit the charts? You just grab some Stunn' Shades, slap them on your bitch's ass and you will definitely get some tail....

I want to try this with my Maltese! This is amazing! haha

Tampax Dance....

So Ladies. Are you getting Cramps,Tenderness,Bloating,Headaches,Swelling or even MOOD SWINGS?

Is it that time where you go to the store and end up buying a Ben and Jerry's Pint of ice cream, candy, and well yeah..... you know those things. According to Tampax you don't have to feel that way anymore with the....."TAMPAX DANCE!" lol

See for yourself....

Truthfully, if I were eating in a cafeteria and a girl did that. I would probably throw up on her.

Tell me what you think...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bangin' Entrance

This video has been circling the web for about a five days now and has got a lot of people talking and rethinking there approach to "Walking down the aisle".

I personally think that this is amazing. Would I attempt this at my wedding? Probably not. However this is the funniest most creative thing I have seen in a while that has to do with weddings. Even with a bride that has no rhythm and all of the guess you call them dance moves, from everyone else.

I will let you watch.

After watching this you have to agree. This is definetly ONE of a kind.

Im Sorry....Really I Am

So even though he lives right down the street from me...literally. Chris Brown has finally released his Apology to Rihanna and his fans. I for one, understand a lot of what he is saying in this video. I believe that his lawyer did not want him to speak on it and that he has told Rihanna multiple times that he was sorry....Why else would they have been seen together after the incident??? I have watched the video multiple times and it is obvious that it is TelePrompted....He probably wrote it down before hand? The point is I believe he is sincere and I truthfully don't think he will do it again.

Everyone in America needs to remember that people make mistakes and they should not be judged for life based on those mistakes. Even though I do not condone domestic violence I believe that people do change and I believe Chris Brown is changing. I hope to hear more from him and I will continue to follow him.

Tell me what you think....

The Proposal...FML

OK guys. This is the most nerve wrecking, toe clinching, life turning action you will ever make. What is going through your mind? Are your palms sweaty? Is your stomach turning. Do you feel like you want to cry? Well what ever your feeling just look at these fools, laugh and you may want to rethink your approach....just a thought?

This is the ultimate FML situations....MARRIAGE PROPOSAL DENIAL!!!!

This was live at a basketball game and the commentators try and make it so much better....yeah right.

This was at the Family Party....Oooh that hurts!

This was at a concert and after this guy hypes it up O so much!

This one was Earlier today on Live Television and this guy just couldn't let it go.

Well whatever the reasons behind the denial no guy wants to go through this. But lets face it. It is hilarious to watch others go through.

Boycott Canada with Reality TV

Are these not the most adorable animals?

Over one and a quarter million seal pups have been clubbed or shot to death over the last four years during the annual Canadian seal slaughter.

In 2003, the Canadian government announced the largest seal quota in history with a 3 year Total Allowable Catch (TAC) of 975,000 harp seals. In addition the hooded seal TAC remained at 10,000 per year. This is a big problem considering the last time sealers killed this many seals (in the 1950s and 60s) the harp seal population was reduced by two thirds.

In 2001, an independent panel of veterinary experts performed post mortems on seal carcases at the hunt. In 42% of cases, they concluded that the seal did not show enough evidence of skull damage to guarantee unconsciousness at the time of skinning. That is, they could have literally been skinned alive. This is like skinning a human alive. The even worse part. 97% of the seals killed in the commercial seal hunt are less than 3 months old; the majority is under one month old. Think of your kids people!!! These pups have not even got a first swim/meal in!!!

This is so sad and I encourage everyone to join. (

On Tuesday July 21 2009 the Humane Society hosted an event for this cause at Policy restaurant in Washington DC and got a lot of important people to come out.

There were a lot of DCs top chefs some including Eric Ziebold, Michel Richard, Christopher Poteaux, Nora Pouillon, Robert Wiedmaier and Michelle Poteaux. We had drinks by Derek Brown and Todd Thrasher and wonderful music by DJ Josh Madden.

Even some Reality stars showed up.

(Pictured: My friend Leigha and Ann with Nigel)

-Nigel Barker, Photographer for Americas Next Top Model and also a spokesman for the event.

-Spike Mendelsohn, Top Chef

-Bethenny Frankel, Real Houswives of New York

The event started at 3:00pm with everyone taking pictures in front of the beautiful graffiti wall and followed by the chefs adding their red-paint hand prints and signatures to a white canvas which signified their support for the cause (I am told that this canvas will be at galleries across the city). Also there was great food, wonderful music and lots of free Alcohol.

At the event I was able to mingle with a lot of really cool people. There were a lot of businessman and woman along with celebs. Everyone was having a good time and then another guest who wasn't scheduled shows up.....You guessed it, Real World DC.

You knew it as soon as they arrived because as usual, the cameramen swarmed in and took over. The cast was well behaved and mingled nicely. Everyone from the cast attended except for Josh (who I believe was working). I did not make a point to interact with them because I was not there for them. However, I still looked out for them.

Ty was flirting with girls as usual and was very close and comfy on the couch with one girl in particular and they exchanged numbers. (Really???) This is a CHARITY EVENT!

The girls were flirtatious with DJ Josh Madden. Mostly Erika and Ashley.

Everyone else just mingled and like I said. I could have cared less what they were doing at the event. I was there for the Humane Society and my Friends.

I will say that when I was out on the back patio smoking a cigarette with my date for the event. Ty came outside and said "hey how have you been" to me he said "hello, I believe we met the other day" to my date (referring to lunch at Cosi). We talked with Ty for a bit until we were getting ready to leave and then Andrew walked out and was really happy to see me and came over. We spoke for a bit about how he is liking DC and then after a bit I decided to leave.

Overall, I was happy with how the cast acted at the event. I met a lot of really great people and had a blast with my friends. I got to support a great cause and see celebrities in the process. I also encourage everyone to visit Policy at one time or another and also support the cause to Boycott Canada.

Thank You to Humane Society and Boycott Canada for info Pict's.

RIP Gidget

Gidget the Chihuahua has died at the age of 15.

It has been along time since America has watched a commercial with this cute chihuahua who debuted in 1997 and continued to wag that tale with her tag line "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" until 2000. Even though the ads caused criticism for Mexican stereotypes, America loved it. Lets face it. Everyone who thinks of Taco Bell thinks of Gidget. I know I do.

Gidget went on to play a small role in Legally Blonde 2 with Reese Witherspoon. Also, earlier in the year. LA TIMES report that Gidget received $42 Million from Taco Bell for not being properly compensated in the ad campaigns.

Gidget's trainer, Sue Chipperton stated "She made so many people happy"

Yes She did Sue. Yes She did.

I hope you love it in the Big Chalupa!

Fashion To Die For

A concept by Barneys New York recently made people deathly mad.

The Concept Barneys went for was "Dressed to Kill". It featured mannequins in the windows with designer dresses by Helmut Lang and A.L.C with blood splatter all over the windows and mannequins in defensive positions as in a scary movie. Creative Director Simon Doonan says "The displays were put up while I was out of town and clearly crossed the line". He says "I encourage everyone to be creative".

Truthfully, I like the display ideas. America needs to quit being so prude and understand fashion and whats around us.
Kudos to the creative team!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sprite Commercial "Sucking" Attention!!!!

So I ran across this commercial and I thought it was the funniest thing ever! However, all of America is really upset?

You Surprised? I'm not.....America is so Prude!

Despite what everyone is saying about this being a foreign made commercial.....It was made in New York by a Brooklyn based Group.

It was actually not ever supposed to air. But they were really happy about the publicity. I would be too! Any publicity is good publicity...right? You watch and tell me?

I know a lot of people are mad that it is a "White Woman" giving a "Black Man" a supposed BJ but truthfully it is 2009 PEOPLE!!!! Get over it! We have a black President.

Racial Boundaries is not a reason for you to be mad.....I would be mad that I got only a 32 second blow job!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Adventure with RWDC at Cobalt

So this past week has been quiet a busy week. Thursday night my partner in crime Beth and I decided that we were going to film episode 5 of Real World DC's "Finding the cast". We made plans to find the location and go party with the cast. When I finally was done with my class, I called Beth and told her to get ready. We ran into a few problems at this point.

1.Beth was tired. (I convinced her out of that quick...Energy drinks work magic! lol)

2. Beth Couldn't Find Another Companion!!!! (When we do our RWDC street BFF thing we always travel with an individual partner just in case we get in the house so we have a Point of contact on the outside.....Eventually Beth convinced Ashley to go.)

3. It was 11:30pm and We Still Had No Location on RWDC CAST! (I have TwitterBerry so I Rely on my Internet companions to update locations.)

Problem number three was still a problem when we finally met up. We discussed our game plan, took some footage and left. At this point we decided that if we don't get a location and/or the cast does not go out, we will still rock out in DC ourselves...We were looking hot!

As we were driving one of my Internet companions confirmed the location being Cobalt. (A Same Sex Bar located off of Rst NW.) After this was confirmed my phone started going off constantly with confirmations so we knew that was the place and headed over. When we arrived, we took some footage and tweaked our game plan a bit. We decided at this point to send in our other companions first and wait in the back and scope out our surroundings. After all, the cast knows us already.

When we entered the club it was obvious to everyone that we were the "Straights". (We didn't really mind though. We were there to have fun no matter what.) As we were walking up the stairs we were noticed by RWDC Housemates Andrew and Josh!!! the first thing out of both of there mouths were "We knew you would be here". We didn't talk for very long but I did mention to Josh how I was confused on where he was going with the whole Whisky Livin' thing. (Josh's Band). If you have ever heard his band then you would know what I am talking about....Lets just say its an acquired taste.

When we finally got upstairs, the party was CRAAAAZY! The camera crews looked as if most were on break and some of the cast was dancing off camera and some were dancing on. Everyone was having a great time. About 15 minutes of us being there they announced they would be doing the "Best Package" contest. While the contest was going on it was typical. Guys stripping with everyone yelling. After everyone went the last person to come out was none the guessed it. TY. When TY walked out on stage the Drag Queen got on him from the begging. He started striping and took of his shirt. He did not want to do much more but the Queen wasn't having it. She quickly let him know that he is not to leave. It was stated multiple times "Bitch, I tell you when you leave my stage". With no cooperation from TY, the Queen dragged him on the stage and RIPPED off his pants!!! At this point I am dying with laughter. At the end of the competition when the judging was finalized...TY lost.

After the contest we had some drinks and started dancing. We were on the floor in front of the stage and most of the cast was on the stage. We were not giving the cast much attention. We were there to have fun and if we could get some picts great. As I was dancing with Sara (my companion for the night) Emily noticed me on stage and pointed at me, said my name, and shook her finger like I shouldn't be dancing with Beth, Ashley and Sara. I laughed and ignored this and the next thing I knew she was breaking the dance between Sara and I and eventually dragging me on stage with her. We talked a lot while dancing and I must say she is really an awesome gal. We danced most of the night on and off whenever TY wasn't being jealous and or sticking his face up Ashley's dress (Beth's Companion).

After dancing for a while I went to the Bar and spoke with TY for a bit. We had a drink and then I noticed Mike dancing....WITH A GUY! (Not that this is a bad thing. But it took everyone by surprise....sorry ladies). Well I went over to see Mike, as soon as he saw me he remembered my name and we started talking. He was telling me how he liked the house and how there was a lot of drama especially with TY. We talked about how he likes to snowboard and that he wanted to definitely schedule something with me when filming is up. While we talked and danced I noticed my companions were getting crazy on stage so I joined them. I started dancing with my companions and eventually Emily was dancing with me again.

We had a lot of fun that night and right before the cast left we noticed Mike giving his new friend a good night kiss.

We continued to dance for a bit when they left and chilled with some fans of our blogs/tweets. Overall, the night was amazing and I look forward to many more. The cast is absolutely amazing and I love DC.
Here is the Video of the night's adventures from Beth's Blog.

Shout out to for picts and videos.

That Time of the Month

I was going through stories on the web today and came across something that is completely disgusting. It is something that in movies everyone laughs at and people always joke about but when it actually happens, everyone is pissed.

Recently a man visiting New York from Germany came across something so disgusting, that if anyone else was put in the same situation they would not have responded as calm as he did....I know I wouldn't have.

After seeing this I completely want to check every piece of food I ever put in my mouth after seeing this. I cant even make a joke about this....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When MTV Walks Away and DC Gets Real

Yesterday I decided to stroll up to the Real World House because a friend of mine who works at the Free Lance Star in Fredericksburg decided she wanted to do a piece about me and how I follow The Real World.

When we arrived at the house the cast was not home and come to find out they were working out at the local gym. I was walking my friend around the house and showing her different things since the blinds were all up and we could see everything in the house. The walls were painted with very nice patterns, and the layout from what I saw had come along way from when it was being built and I started spying on the house.

The only bad part was that it was a complete disaster from what I could see. Anti Real World definetly hit it on the head when they said "dorm life". There were clothes on lamps, the beds were not made, and I guarantee they don't know what the word Vacuum is. I understand they are only ever home long enough to sleep and most of the time they are out partying but, didn't your parents teach to make your bed? Or did that tool Ryan Romkema the Photog get demoted to maid? lol

Well, while I was checking out what I could see of the house, an MTV GMC suburban was pulling out onto 20th st and I guess hit a cab driver on the drivers side of the door. There were marks from the drivers side to almost the end of the passengers side. The cab driver argued with them for a little bit and then saw that he was slowing traffic on a one way road and politely moved over. When the cab pulled over and tried to talk to MTV, they became really defensive. The security guard even told him to leave? (Like the flash light boy is even a threat?) They were not being cooperative and at one point asked the cab driver to leave. The cab driver refused and she threatened the police. He laughed at this and said call them. At this point I am laughing because MTV thought a DC resident would back down? Really? Well, the cops arrived and I managed to take a shot via my Crackberry and then left to meet up with some bloggers at Cosi. So I do not know the outcome of the accident?

After we met up at Cosi we headed to the house and spoke with people on the streets, who oddly enough recognizes us for our blogs/twitter. Then another car gets pulled over in front of the house for speeding but that did not last long at all. While we were watching this, the cast was walking back in the house from the Gym. We waited around a little bit and then Andrew opened the blind upstairs and started waiving and being silly. Nothing much really happened after that and we all finally decided to call it a night.
In all , it was not that eventful of a night. I just really don't understand why MTV think this town is a joke and that they can walk over who they please? They need to tighten up or it will be a long journey until Thanksgiving. As for the cast, They are great people....most of the time.

T.O. is still a D-bag

Owens, in desperation for people to actually like him decided to pose for his new TV show "The T.O. Show" which airs on VH1 10/9c and premieres July 20th. he claims this show will show people who he really is.....a complete D-bag.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Suge Knight Alarm Clock

Are your kids afraid of the dark? Are there monsters under the bed? Boogie man have you worried?

Well not anymore. Check out the Suge Knight Alarm Clock.

This would Definetly wake me up lol

Beckhams Back!

David Beckham has returned back to LA from his five month loan at AC Milan. However, with his return he has found it that fellow team mate Landon Donovan is not too happy with his decision. Landon has stated that:

"Beckham’s level of dedication to the Major League Soccer club had waned since his arrival in July 2007, despite the 34-year-old former England skipper being paid “more than double anybody in the league”.

However Beckham has been playing for 17 years and has never once been criticized for professionalism? I personally smell jealousy. Anyway, Beckham was very "professional" when he replied to the Donovan and said:

“In every football player’s eyes throughout the world it would be unprofessional to speak out about a team-mate, especially in the press and not to your face.“But I’m going to turn it on a positive spin because that’s what this needs.”

I think it is a shame that Donovan being the type of player he is and such a rising star in the states, would say such a thing. Beckham has also stated that he will have a stern talking with teammate Donovan in privacy.

Now, David Beckham has been the focus of anger in the states since his 2007 arrival and now for "giving up" on the MLS for his fun in Italy. The truth is he loves it over there. He is still a player that is at the top of his game and he fits in a lot better over there where futbol is a lifestyle and taken more seriously. If he was not on such a lucrative contract here, he would definitely be in a foreign club.

I think everyone should look at this from a realistic angle. David Beckham's move to the US is a failure. LA Galaxy is still one of the worst teams in the MLS. his attempts to flee this country only shows that he knows he is not doing well here. I think he should go back and play with players on his level. I don't think he will be in the states to much longer. I give it one more season until he buys out his contract. In the end this will be in favor for all parties.

Nice Assets

Former Miss Norway Monica Hansen Recently won a lawsuit and now can put a value on her amazing...You know whats.

Earlier in January she sued her plastic surgeon for putting her picture up on his website (without her permission) to promote his work. In the end she was awarded $564,555 in her settlement.

Work what your momma gave you girl!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Barackin' Booty

Barack Obama was in Italy recently and a photo was taken of him, hmm..lets say checking out the scenery.
We may have another Clinton on our hands? Hell Yeah!

Fresh Buzz

It has been a while since America has talked about Michael Phelps. If you don't know him for the 8 gold medals swimming in the 2008 Olympics then you most likely know him for smoking the Ganja.

Truthfully, I never understood why everyone was so upset? Most of America has smoked Weed at one point in their life. Politicians, Presidents, Musicians, etc...

Well, Phelps is back in Americas eye after breaking the 100m fly World Record this week and one company is really embracing it.

Now that Phelps is back in the spotlight Subway decided to embrace it with "Fresh Buzz" campaign. I personally think the ad is perfect. Subway is one of the best places to go when blazed and with the ad campaign of "$5 foot longs" it is heaven! I think everyone can agree to that. So now that Americas Stoner/Olympic Swimmer is back in good grace, I for one congratulate him. I hope he continues to shine. who knows maybe we will start seeing more stoner celebs on this campaign?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

RIP Oscar Mayer

So do you remember all the little jingles as a kid? I know I do. Today Oscar G Mayer has died at the age of 95. This is the third member to bear the Mayer name. RIP Mr. Mayer.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The "Real" World

The Move in day was insane. I was definitely there and I saw first hand how real it could get. The move in went rather smooth for the cast mates. The cast mates ranged from a variety of backgrounds and they were all very cool. I know this because I made it a point to talk to every cast member on and off Camera. (Listen people, I'm dedicated to this). Now, I have nothing against any of the cast members. However, my favorite person thus far would have to be Mike. He is from Colorado and the most REAListic on the show from my point of view.

On move in day, not only were there bloggers and fans but, Lindsey from WUSA9 was there to report on everything. Her story was to show how social sites such as Twitter are influenced in the shooting of this TV show and to Welcome Real World DC. This is how MTV responded to my interview with Lindsey:

Later that night we went to BUCA and had some drinks. The RWDC cast was there and fighting over religion. Two girls swarmed in the bathroom as my friend Beth ( was walking out at the time. The MTV camera crews and security completely denied anyone else after this in the bathrooms as long as they were filming....Can they do that?

After the restaurant we went back outside of the RWDC house where a small group of protesters were outside yelling about MTV not being "GREEN". I spoke with them for a minute and we started getting into debates. (they had no backing of there protest, I was rather amused) While I was debating with them, RWDC cast comes outside and we all start debating side by side. They were very peaceful and calm about everything. While this is going on I am talking to the cast members and getting to know them. There was a handstand contest with Elizabethany and TY, Mike and I were just talking about snowboarding and things like that, and I spoke with the girls and the rest of the guys as well. There were so many conversations. After the protesters figure out there idiots and leave, the RWDC cast gets ready to go out. They invited us and at this point everyone was tipsy (including me). As we were walking Erika gets into a shouting match with Elizabethany. She said she has seen the blogs and so on so forth. I missed a lot of this because I was up ahead with everyone else. When the drama started getting really bad TY approached me and we spoke and agreed that since it was RWDCs first night that we would let them chill together so we left.

Overall that day was amazing and I look forward to many more nights chilling with the RWDC cast.

If you want to keep up to date on RWDC, follow us all on Twitter. @ollignom, @luvelizabethany, @mikesica, @Realworlddcnewz.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Outside the Real World House VIDEO!!!

Tuesday was a very interesting day to say the least. I met a lot of cool people outside of the house. that night I noticed a guy walking around and taking picts of us. He thought we were the roommates. Well ,we started talking to one another and he knew my friend from reading her blogs. We all started talking and he wanted to interview us for his website.

So here is the first of many interviews:

Everyone just doesnt understand. I will be in that house either hooking up, taking picts, or anything.

Don't forget to holla at and Also Holla at me on

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Real World DC Update

So despite rumors and some miscommunication the Real World cast has not arrived...yet.

I arrived at the house around 3:30pm on tips that the cast was actually arriving. However, I do not believe anyone has actually arrived yet due to the contractors that were still there and working away.
I know a lot of rumors and mixed information was flowing through the blog sphere last night. Miscommunications do tend to happen and can be fixed. I stayed at the House until around 11:00pm. I spoke with Multiple Interns asking different questions and putting together my puzzle and the most funny part about it, The contractors were the most tight lipped! Sorry MTV/BMP. There were other sources that we spoke to but i will not mention them. I will say that I did receive enough info that i believe we know when the Cast should start arriving or is arriving. I do not want to release it until I verify with other sources. I will keep everyone updated.

Other than that, thank you to Reno,, and Erick (Producer for the Kane show) for coming out and having fun with us last night. It is always fun to meet new people.

Here are some picts from last night: