Thursday, July 23, 2009

Im Sorry....Really I Am

So even though he lives right down the street from me...literally. Chris Brown has finally released his Apology to Rihanna and his fans. I for one, understand a lot of what he is saying in this video. I believe that his lawyer did not want him to speak on it and that he has told Rihanna multiple times that he was sorry....Why else would they have been seen together after the incident??? I have watched the video multiple times and it is obvious that it is TelePrompted....He probably wrote it down before hand? The point is I believe he is sincere and I truthfully don't think he will do it again.

Everyone in America needs to remember that people make mistakes and they should not be judged for life based on those mistakes. Even though I do not condone domestic violence I believe that people do change and I believe Chris Brown is changing. I hope to hear more from him and I will continue to follow him.

Tell me what you think....

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