Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Adventure with RWDC at Cobalt

So this past week has been quiet a busy week. Thursday night my partner in crime Beth and I decided that we were going to film episode 5 of Real World DC's "Finding the cast". We made plans to find the location and go party with the cast. When I finally was done with my class, I called Beth and told her to get ready. We ran into a few problems at this point.

1.Beth was tired. (I convinced her out of that quick...Energy drinks work magic! lol)

2. Beth Couldn't Find Another Companion!!!! (When we do our RWDC street BFF thing we always travel with an individual partner just in case we get in the house so we have a Point of contact on the outside.....Eventually Beth convinced Ashley to go.)

3. It was 11:30pm and We Still Had No Location on RWDC CAST! (I have TwitterBerry so I Rely on my Internet companions to update locations.)

Problem number three was still a problem when we finally met up. We discussed our game plan, took some footage and left. At this point we decided that if we don't get a location and/or the cast does not go out, we will still rock out in DC ourselves...We were looking hot!

As we were driving one of my Internet companions confirmed the location being Cobalt. (A Same Sex Bar located off of Rst NW.) After this was confirmed my phone started going off constantly with confirmations so we knew that was the place and headed over. When we arrived, we took some footage and tweaked our game plan a bit. We decided at this point to send in our other companions first and wait in the back and scope out our surroundings. After all, the cast knows us already.

When we entered the club it was obvious to everyone that we were the "Straights". (We didn't really mind though. We were there to have fun no matter what.) As we were walking up the stairs we were noticed by RWDC Housemates Andrew and Josh!!! the first thing out of both of there mouths were "We knew you would be here". We didn't talk for very long but I did mention to Josh how I was confused on where he was going with the whole Whisky Livin' thing. (Josh's Band). If you have ever heard his band then you would know what I am talking about....Lets just say its an acquired taste.

When we finally got upstairs, the party was CRAAAAZY! The camera crews looked as if most were on break and some of the cast was dancing off camera and some were dancing on. Everyone was having a great time. About 15 minutes of us being there they announced they would be doing the "Best Package" contest. While the contest was going on it was typical. Guys stripping with everyone yelling. After everyone went the last person to come out was none the guessed it. TY. When TY walked out on stage the Drag Queen got on him from the begging. He started striping and took of his shirt. He did not want to do much more but the Queen wasn't having it. She quickly let him know that he is not to leave. It was stated multiple times "Bitch, I tell you when you leave my stage". With no cooperation from TY, the Queen dragged him on the stage and RIPPED off his pants!!! At this point I am dying with laughter. At the end of the competition when the judging was finalized...TY lost.

After the contest we had some drinks and started dancing. We were on the floor in front of the stage and most of the cast was on the stage. We were not giving the cast much attention. We were there to have fun and if we could get some picts great. As I was dancing with Sara (my companion for the night) Emily noticed me on stage and pointed at me, said my name, and shook her finger like I shouldn't be dancing with Beth, Ashley and Sara. I laughed and ignored this and the next thing I knew she was breaking the dance between Sara and I and eventually dragging me on stage with her. We talked a lot while dancing and I must say she is really an awesome gal. We danced most of the night on and off whenever TY wasn't being jealous and or sticking his face up Ashley's dress (Beth's Companion).

After dancing for a while I went to the Bar and spoke with TY for a bit. We had a drink and then I noticed Mike dancing....WITH A GUY! (Not that this is a bad thing. But it took everyone by surprise....sorry ladies). Well I went over to see Mike, as soon as he saw me he remembered my name and we started talking. He was telling me how he liked the house and how there was a lot of drama especially with TY. We talked about how he likes to snowboard and that he wanted to definitely schedule something with me when filming is up. While we talked and danced I noticed my companions were getting crazy on stage so I joined them. I started dancing with my companions and eventually Emily was dancing with me again.

We had a lot of fun that night and right before the cast left we noticed Mike giving his new friend a good night kiss.

We continued to dance for a bit when they left and chilled with some fans of our blogs/tweets. Overall, the night was amazing and I look forward to many more. The cast is absolutely amazing and I love DC.
Here is the Video of the night's adventures from Beth's Blog.

Shout out to for picts and videos.

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