Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boycott Canada with Reality TV

Are these not the most adorable animals?

Over one and a quarter million seal pups have been clubbed or shot to death over the last four years during the annual Canadian seal slaughter.

In 2003, the Canadian government announced the largest seal quota in history with a 3 year Total Allowable Catch (TAC) of 975,000 harp seals. In addition the hooded seal TAC remained at 10,000 per year. This is a big problem considering the last time sealers killed this many seals (in the 1950s and 60s) the harp seal population was reduced by two thirds.

In 2001, an independent panel of veterinary experts performed post mortems on seal carcases at the hunt. In 42% of cases, they concluded that the seal did not show enough evidence of skull damage to guarantee unconsciousness at the time of skinning. That is, they could have literally been skinned alive. This is like skinning a human alive. The even worse part. 97% of the seals killed in the commercial seal hunt are less than 3 months old; the majority is under one month old. Think of your kids people!!! These pups have not even got a first swim/meal in!!!

This is so sad and I encourage everyone to join. (

On Tuesday July 21 2009 the Humane Society hosted an event for this cause at Policy restaurant in Washington DC and got a lot of important people to come out.

There were a lot of DCs top chefs some including Eric Ziebold, Michel Richard, Christopher Poteaux, Nora Pouillon, Robert Wiedmaier and Michelle Poteaux. We had drinks by Derek Brown and Todd Thrasher and wonderful music by DJ Josh Madden.

Even some Reality stars showed up.

(Pictured: My friend Leigha and Ann with Nigel)

-Nigel Barker, Photographer for Americas Next Top Model and also a spokesman for the event.

-Spike Mendelsohn, Top Chef

-Bethenny Frankel, Real Houswives of New York

The event started at 3:00pm with everyone taking pictures in front of the beautiful graffiti wall and followed by the chefs adding their red-paint hand prints and signatures to a white canvas which signified their support for the cause (I am told that this canvas will be at galleries across the city). Also there was great food, wonderful music and lots of free Alcohol.

At the event I was able to mingle with a lot of really cool people. There were a lot of businessman and woman along with celebs. Everyone was having a good time and then another guest who wasn't scheduled shows up.....You guessed it, Real World DC.

You knew it as soon as they arrived because as usual, the cameramen swarmed in and took over. The cast was well behaved and mingled nicely. Everyone from the cast attended except for Josh (who I believe was working). I did not make a point to interact with them because I was not there for them. However, I still looked out for them.

Ty was flirting with girls as usual and was very close and comfy on the couch with one girl in particular and they exchanged numbers. (Really???) This is a CHARITY EVENT!

The girls were flirtatious with DJ Josh Madden. Mostly Erika and Ashley.

Everyone else just mingled and like I said. I could have cared less what they were doing at the event. I was there for the Humane Society and my Friends.

I will say that when I was out on the back patio smoking a cigarette with my date for the event. Ty came outside and said "hey how have you been" to me he said "hello, I believe we met the other day" to my date (referring to lunch at Cosi). We talked with Ty for a bit until we were getting ready to leave and then Andrew walked out and was really happy to see me and came over. We spoke for a bit about how he is liking DC and then after a bit I decided to leave.

Overall, I was happy with how the cast acted at the event. I met a lot of really great people and had a blast with my friends. I got to support a great cause and see celebrities in the process. I also encourage everyone to visit Policy at one time or another and also support the cause to Boycott Canada.

Thank You to Humane Society and Boycott Canada for info Pict's.

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