Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fresh Buzz

It has been a while since America has talked about Michael Phelps. If you don't know him for the 8 gold medals swimming in the 2008 Olympics then you most likely know him for smoking the Ganja.

Truthfully, I never understood why everyone was so upset? Most of America has smoked Weed at one point in their life. Politicians, Presidents, Musicians, etc...

Well, Phelps is back in Americas eye after breaking the 100m fly World Record this week and one company is really embracing it.

Now that Phelps is back in the spotlight Subway decided to embrace it with "Fresh Buzz" campaign. I personally think the ad is perfect. Subway is one of the best places to go when blazed and with the ad campaign of "$5 foot longs" it is heaven! I think everyone can agree to that. So now that Americas Stoner/Olympic Swimmer is back in good grace, I for one congratulate him. I hope he continues to shine. who knows maybe we will start seeing more stoner celebs on this campaign?

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