Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When MTV Walks Away and DC Gets Real

Yesterday I decided to stroll up to the Real World House because a friend of mine who works at the Free Lance Star in Fredericksburg decided she wanted to do a piece about me and how I follow The Real World.

When we arrived at the house the cast was not home and come to find out they were working out at the local gym. I was walking my friend around the house and showing her different things since the blinds were all up and we could see everything in the house. The walls were painted with very nice patterns, and the layout from what I saw had come along way from when it was being built and I started spying on the house.

The only bad part was that it was a complete disaster from what I could see. Anti Real World definetly hit it on the head when they said "dorm life". There were clothes on lamps, the beds were not made, and I guarantee they don't know what the word Vacuum is. I understand they are only ever home long enough to sleep and most of the time they are out partying but, didn't your parents teach to make your bed? Or did that tool Ryan Romkema the Photog get demoted to maid? lol

Well, while I was checking out what I could see of the house, an MTV GMC suburban was pulling out onto 20th st and I guess hit a cab driver on the drivers side of the door. There were marks from the drivers side to almost the end of the passengers side. The cab driver argued with them for a little bit and then saw that he was slowing traffic on a one way road and politely moved over. When the cab pulled over and tried to talk to MTV, they became really defensive. The security guard even told him to leave? (Like the flash light boy is even a threat?) They were not being cooperative and at one point asked the cab driver to leave. The cab driver refused and she threatened the police. He laughed at this and said call them. At this point I am laughing because MTV thought a DC resident would back down? Really? Well, the cops arrived and I managed to take a shot via my Crackberry and then left to meet up with some bloggers at Cosi. So I do not know the outcome of the accident?

After we met up at Cosi we headed to the house and spoke with people on the streets, who oddly enough recognizes us for our blogs/twitter. Then another car gets pulled over in front of the house for speeding but that did not last long at all. While we were watching this, the cast was walking back in the house from the Gym. We waited around a little bit and then Andrew opened the blind upstairs and started waiving and being silly. Nothing much really happened after that and we all finally decided to call it a night.
In all , it was not that eventful of a night. I just really don't understand why MTV think this town is a joke and that they can walk over who they please? They need to tighten up or it will be a long journey until Thanksgiving. As for the cast, They are great people....most of the time.


  1. Wow. lets hope this friend of your's does a good job on this piece on you and RWDC. lol

  2. Here is some information about Ryan Romkema aka "The Idouch" cameraboy from MTV's DC Real World crew who nastily tried to interfere with a channel 9 reporter's interview...
    (Ryan's Website)-
    (Ryan's Workplace Website)- With his picture! -
    (Ryan's Church's website) - that lists him as a "Deacon" for 2012! -
    (Ryan's Cell Number) - (267) 972-5649
    (Web Page displaying Ryan's Phone Number & Location) -
    (Ryan's Blog) -
    (Ryan's Address) - 410 Kane Street Baltimore MD
    (Picture of Ryan's house on Google Street) -