Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Real World DC Update

So despite rumors and some miscommunication the Real World cast has not arrived...yet.

I arrived at the house around 3:30pm on tips that the cast was actually arriving. However, I do not believe anyone has actually arrived yet due to the contractors that were still there and working away.
I know a lot of rumors and mixed information was flowing through the blog sphere last night. Miscommunications do tend to happen and can be fixed. I stayed at the House until around 11:00pm. I spoke with Multiple Interns asking different questions and putting together my puzzle and the most funny part about it, The contractors were the most tight lipped! Sorry MTV/BMP. There were other sources that we spoke to but i will not mention them. I will say that I did receive enough info that i believe we know when the Cast should start arriving or is arriving. I do not want to release it until I verify with other sources. I will keep everyone updated.

Other than that, thank you to Reno,, and Erick (Producer for the Kane show) for coming out and having fun with us last night. It is always fun to meet new people.

Here are some picts from last night:

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