Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Proposal...FML

OK guys. This is the most nerve wrecking, toe clinching, life turning action you will ever make. What is going through your mind? Are your palms sweaty? Is your stomach turning. Do you feel like you want to cry? Well what ever your feeling just look at these fools, laugh and you may want to rethink your approach....just a thought?

This is the ultimate FML situations....MARRIAGE PROPOSAL DENIAL!!!!

This was live at a basketball game and the commentators try and make it so much better....yeah right.

This was at the Family Party....Oooh that hurts!

This was at a concert and after this guy hypes it up O so much!

This one was Earlier today on Live Television and this guy just couldn't let it go.

Well whatever the reasons behind the denial no guy wants to go through this. But lets face it. It is hilarious to watch others go through.

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