Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grade Your Sex

Out of all the ridiculous applications the iphone has this one by far tops the most ridiculous. There is a new app out for the iphone caleed Passion that grades your sex.

So here is how the application works. You are supposed to turn it on and put it on the bed and then have sex. It judges on what it hears and what it feels. First off, most girls do not go for a cell phone being anywhere near them when they are in that situation...even though there are the few who do so fellas if you try this application...ASK!. Second, this app is obviously not accurate so don't get a big head if you get a good score. You could probably shake it while watching porn and it would ace you. Third, if you have this application on your phone then you probably have confidence issues and need to get out more.

Here is the Video:

Obviously this is innacurate. There is no way that a phone can judge your sex without actually watching and observing multiple things......Where do people come up with this stuff?

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