Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miley Stalker Arrested Again!

Mark McLeod the Miley Cyruss Stalker that was arrested and released weeks ago was picked up last night again in Columbia County, GA and will be returned to Chatham County, GA today. Police from Tybee Island GA called authorities in Chatam county to have him apprehended. Mcleod was spotted in Tybee Island, where Miley is filming her new movie The Last Song. Mcleod claims that Miley communicates to him through her TV show, pictures and music and that the two can never be apart.

I think this guy is a total creep and the ironic part is he will be locked up in the same county she is filming?!?! I

In other news have you heard Miley's New single?

I hope Miley stays Safe and they keep creeps like that away!

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